About me

Hi! I am Franco Morales!
I have been a Software Engineer and Full Stack Developer for over six years. I define myself as a passionate software developer.
I am always researching about technologies, frameworks and architectures. I believe that the developers life is iterative and incremental, we should never stop learning. #keeplearning

After many years of working in the Software Development Industry in differents positions and companies, taking part in many IT projects within different industries. I decided to begin in the freelance world.
I want to put my knowledge and experience at the service of my customers with the main goal being to help them achieve their objectives providing quality software and support to them throughout the system cycle.

Over the years, I have designed and built many systems for different customers, written countless lines of code, provided many suggests, taken part in many tech teams. My main objective has  been always to help to satisfy our customers grow our customers focusing to create efficient solutions for them.